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Adult Braces Melbourne


Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics is a very popular practice for adult orthodontics. People who undertake braces as adults understand that you are never too old to have a beautiful smile. Adults take pride in their hair, skin, attire and general appearance, so why not maximise their best asset – their smile!

Adult patients can be treated with standard braces or Invisalign invisible braces. More information about this type of treatment is available on the Invisalign page of this website.

Another very popular option with adults is having “clear braces” which are conventional braces, but the front brackets are ceramic instead of metal, making them almost impossible to see. Many adults are happy to undergo treatment with this “invisible option” and get the beautiful smile they have always wanted.

Benefits of orthodontic braces for adults

Creating a beautiful smile, is an investment for life, and other benefits of orthodontics include:

  • improved facial profile
  • better dental function, and
  • increased self esteem.

Do I need a referral from my dentist?

No referral from a dentist is required, however, Dr Lipshatz likes to maintain communication with your family dentist throughout treatment.

How long will treatment take?

The average time for full braces treatment is two years, and this obviously varies, but the constant is a gorgeous smile as an end result. If your treatment is with Invisalign invisible braces then treatment is likely to take less than two years.

Payment plans and health care rebates

Our friendly reception staff will do whatever they can to help with flexible payment plans and maximising private health care rebates. We offer discounts to family members and often have the privilege of treating children and their parents simultaneously.

Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics, the practice for adult orthodontics

We have designed our practice to be very comfortable and welcoming for adult patients, and have current magazines, tea & coffee facilities and a team of supportive staff. Many of our team are currently in orthodontic treatment, or have recently been through it, so you will be treated with great care and understanding.

We like patients to make informed decisions, understand their treatment and know how to care for their teeth and appliances. We offer many verbal and written explanations, and are always only a phone call away, if any questions arise between appointments.

Adult orthodontics, is a great area of interest for Dr Lipshatz, and all the team enjoy the wonderful satisfaction of watching people appreciate their new SMILES for LIFE.

Ready to find out more? Call our friendly reception staff on 9532 9135 and make an appointment today!