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Dr Lipshatz joins Multi-Disciplinary team at Monash Medical Centre

Monash Medical Centre

Dr Lipshatz was invited to join a highly qualified group of professionals at the Cleft Palate Unit at Monash Medical Centre and commenced work there in February 2014.

The group includes oral surgeons, plastic surgeons, speech pathologists and ENTs who all work together to provide optimal treatment for children with cleft lip and palate. Many of these patients have severe orthodontic problems which can cause aesthetic, functional and psychological issues.

Dr Lipshatz decided to dedicate his time at the Monash Clinic each week as a way of giving back to the community and helping those in a disadvantaged position.


Dr Lipshatz explaining the type of work he does at the clinic

Common problems with cleft palate patients are missing teeth, often the lateral incisors and other teeth grow at very severe angles. Many of the patients also have surgeries to repair the cleft when they are young and this leaves scar tissue, which can cause further complications. It is obviously more challenging in these circumstances to achieve perfect orthodontic results, and compensate for abnormal anatomy and severe dental problems.

While Dr Lipshatz is used to striving for perfection in his private practice, he is so gratified knowing that the results that are achieved for patients in the clinic are totally life changing.

The improvements that the team can make for their patients are really monumental and each specialist adds their expertise to the overall treatment. This cooperation and collaboration are also what Dr Lipshatz enjoys about his services at Monash.

Jeff with patient

The results achieved are life changing for many patients

Dr Lipshatz is fortunate in his private practice to have a fabulous team of quality staff with efficient systems in place and total focus on providing excellent patient care as well as optimal orthodontic results. Working in a hospital environment is obviously a different environment but Dr Lipshatz is impressed by the dedication and professionalism of all members of the team and feels privileged to have the opportunity to work among them to make a difference to peoples lives.

Feel free to ask Dr Lipshatz about his work at Monash at your next visit.

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