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Functional appliances

Always put your functional appliance in the plate box provided, they are delicate!

Example of orthodontic functional appliance

Know your appliance

How does the functional appliance work?

  1. May restrict forward growth of upper jaw.
  2. Moves lower teeth forward and upper teeth back.

How long will I need to wear my appliance?

You will need to wear your appliance all the time for 12 months (except when eating and brushing teeth).

What should I expect when wearing the appliance?

At first your teeth may feel tender and uncomfortable so try soft foods and analgesics. Tenderness will improve within a week.

How do I clean my functional appliance?

Use a toothbrush with soap and cool water. Do not use toothpaste.

When do I take it out?

You can remove your appliance to eat and brush your teeth. Always put it in the plate box provided as they are delicate!

I have my appliance, now what?

If you feel that anything you are experiencing may not be normal or you have any questions, please call us 9532 9135.

BEWARE! Clicking the appliance in and out with your tongue will loosen and break the wires.

Tips for eating

  1. No hard or sticky foods.
  2. Cut hard food into small pieces.
  3. Avoid food and drinks high in sugar.
  4. Limit snacking between meals.

What should I do if:

  • My Gums bleed: Brush the affected area well.
  • Something Breaks: Call us and we will assess what to do.
  • I cannot wear it: Contact us immediately if for any reason the appliance cannot be worn.