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Braces are on, now what?

Know your braces

know your braces diagram

Diagram showing individual elements of orthodontic braces

  • Coloured Modules: These are small plastic rings that hold the arch wire in place.
  • Wire: The arch wire is attached to the teeth via slots in the metal brackets and is held in place with small plastic rings called modules.
  • Metal Bracket: Metal brackets are glued onto the teeth. They have a slot through the middle in which the arch wire sits.
  • Hooks: are used to attach elastics to.
  • Tube: This holds the arch wire in place around the very back teeth.

Some types of brackets do not need modules and instead have a small gate on the bracket which opens and closes. The brackets or band around the very back teeth do not have modules or a gate and instead they have a tube holding the wire in place.

Teeth with braces need special care

Beautiful smiles are a team effort. You, Dr Lipshatz  and all the staff are now working as a team. We all want the same result – a beautiful smile with straight, healthy teeth. Dr Lipshatz will create a beautiful smile but you are the one who must keep your teeth clean and healthy; that means brushing your teeth and cleaning them correctly.

Follow these instructions for correct care of your new braces.

What to expect after braces are attached

You will probably not feel too much for the first few hours after the braces have been placed. If you feel anything, most likely it will be during the first evening. Feelings of tension in the teeth may last anywhere from a day up to a week. Everyone is very different in what they will experience. Some people go home and are fine to eat normal foods, while others prefer to eat softer foods like pasta and soup for several days.

If your teeth are feeling especially tender you can take pain relief such as Panadol or Neurofen. Chewing sugarless gum can often relieve some of the soreness. However, if you feel that anything you are experiencing may not be normal or have any questions, please feel free to call us.