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Quad Helix Expansion Appliance

Example of a quad helix expansion appliance.

Example of a quad helix expansion appliance.

How does a quad helix expansion appliance work?

The appliance works by pushing on the teeth on both sides and moving them outwards.

How long will treatment take?

Treatment takes approximately 6-9 months.

What should I expect when wearing my appliance?

  • You will get food caught in the appliance.
  • It will interfere with speech for 1-2 weeks after insertion.
  • It will be annoying as your tongue will touch the spring all the time initially.

What if one side comes out?

Lie the patient down and try to replace the post on the appliance into the slots on the bands.

DO brush well around the appliance and remove any food caught with a tooth brush. DON’T eat anything chewy or sticky.