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Example of separators placed between teeth.

What do separators do?

Separators create space around teeth so that a silver band can be fitted around the tooth. This is normally done on the back teeth.

How do they work?

They sit between the teeth and expand and push the teeth apart.

When should I wear them?

All the time for 3-14 days before bands are placed.

Can I still brush with separators between my teeth?

It is important to continue to brush the teeth well, around the separator, even if they are sore.

What if a separator falls out?

Occasionally the separators become loose and fall out which means sufficient room has been made for the bands. Try putting it back with your finger nail – if you cannot do so then don’t worry, provided you did not pull out the separator yourself. If you did pull it out yourself you must contact us.

If you feel that anything you are experiencing may not be normal, or you have any questions, please call us on 9532 9135