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Your first visit

Jeff Lipshatz, Orthodontist with a patientAt your first appointment a clinical orthodontic assessment will be performed. We will explain any problems to you and discuss if treatment is necessary. At the end of this appointment you will know

  1. What the orthodontic problem is.
  2. What we can do to correct the problem.
  3. How long it will take.
  4. How much it will cost.
  5. The best time to commence treatment.

When you first arrive at this appointment we may take some photos of you so that Dr Lipshatz can use them as a visual aid in explaining all of the above to you. We strive to make the braces cost as affordable as possible.

If treatment is required, the next step is to take records. This involves taking impressions of the teeth for study models, taking intra and extra oral photos and x-rays. Dr Lipshatz will then comprehensively study the problem and confirm the proposed treatment plan.

The next appointment, if necessary, is called a “Case Discussion”. Dr Lipshatz will discuss the disgnosis with you in detail and explain the means to achieving the best possible functional and aesthetic results. Any questions will be answered and we take the time to enable you to make an informed decision regarding treatment.