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During treatment concerns - Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics

During treatment concerns

During the time you have braces, you may occasionally need to visit us in between your scheduled appointments for a ‘repair’, as there are many small parts and components working in conjunction with each other. Sometimes a brace can come loose, a wire become long or something may not feel quite right. Depending on what has occurred, there are certain things that may need to be attended to straight away, while others can wait for your next appointment. The best way to determine this is to call our friendly team.

When you get your braces on, we will give you a drink bottle filled with everything necessary to look after your teeth and braces. This includes wax, numbing gel, toothbrushes and interproximal/ spiral brushes.

Wax: After being fitted with an orthodontic appliance, wax truly can become your best friend. It is able to tide you over if you have a long wire, a persistent rubbing appliance or an irritating broken bracket.

Numbing gel: Can be used by its self or in conjunction with wax. It numbs irritated and ulcerated cheeks for a short period of time, making eating and drinking more tolerable.

Interproximal/ spiral brushes: Must be used daily and are used to clean under the wire and between the brackets to prevent infected puffy gums. These brushes are also extremely handy if you have food stuck around your braces.

If you run out of any of these, feel free to come into the surgery to collect some more during business hours or from the meter box at may time.

The most common orthodontic concerns include:

Long wires: During your orthodontic treatment it is normal for teeth to move in a way that leaves a section of wire extending past where your teeth are now positioned. If it is irritating, wax can be placed at the end of the wire until an appointment can be made for us to snip it off.

Broken bracket: The most common cause of a broken bracket is biting into hard and sticky foods and/or playing with your brackets with your fingers. Simple actions such as brushing your teeth cannot cause this. If a broken bracket occurs and is floating along the wire, wax can be used to stabilise it until we can see you next. If a broken bracket occurs, please call us. We can advise if it is often okay to leave it to the next scheduled appointment.

General soreness: As your orthodontic appliances start to move your teeth, you may experience some general soreness lasting from one day to a week. Some people do not experience this at all, while it can affect others. The discomfort is generally managed with analgesics and restricting diet to soft foods, but if it does not improve, please call us to see if we can offer any further advice.

Puffy gums: If you have inflamed and puffy gums please focus on brushing the gum line and remember to use the interproximal/ spiral brush at least once a day. Puffy/ inflamed gums are usually caused by poor and inconsistent brushing techniques. When coming in for your next appointment Jeff may recommend a special mouthwash, but until that point, mouthwash is not necessary.

Persistent ulcers: If you are suffering from ulcers, the numbing gel will be extremely useful. Another option would be to regularly use warm salty water as a mouth wash.

Appliance issues: If something is loose or does not feel right, please call our friendly team to discuss your concerns.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on 9532 9135.

Please remember, the most important tip is, do not to panic!