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Herbst Appliance - Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics

Herbst Appliance

What does a Herbst Appliance do?

A Herbst appliance is used to close the gap between the upper and lower front teeth. It also widens the upper teeth and jaw.

How does it work ?

Turning the expansion screw in the middle of the palate creates force to expand the teeth and palate.
The piston arms located on the sides provide the force to close the gap between the upper and lower teeth.

How long do I have to wear it?

The appliances are glued on to the back of the teeth and the arms are sometimes attached several weeks later. The appliance is worn for approximately 9 months..

What should I expect when wearing the appliance?

Initially you will be very conscious of the appliance in your mouth, but this will soon settle.

The arms can rub against your cheeks and wax will help this. By keeping the Herbst clean, you will lessen the chances of infection in the areas of rubbing. There may also be some soreness associated with the forces generated and this should ease in a few days.

It will initially interfere with your speech but it should be back to normal within 1-2 weeks.

General tips

  • Handle with Care

  • It is important not to play with the appliance as it can easily break

  • If food gets caught in it, carefully use a tooth brush to remove and clean it when you brush your teeth with small gentle movements of the brush.

  • No hard or sticky foods
  • Cut hard food into small pieces
  • Limit food and drinks high in sugar

  • Limit snacking between meals

  • Brush well around the gums

  • Don’t turn more than the number of times advised by Dr Lipshatz

    Please call us if the Herbst Appliance breaks on 9532 9135.

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