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Smile Gallery - Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics

Smile Gallery

The images below show the results of orthodontic treatment on patients that have been treated in our practice.

Invisalign treatment

Twenty four year old man presents unhappy with the crowding of his teeth and wanted treatment with “invisible braces”. He was treated with Invisalign appliances over 18 months.

Crowded teeth

15 year old girl with crowded teeth.
Treated with removal of premolar teeth and braces.

Deep bite and small lower jaw

16 year old young man presents with deep bite and small lower jaw which can cause damage to gums and teeth. Treated with braces and surgery to move the lower jaw forward.


37 year old man unhappy about spaces between teeth. Treated with braces on top teeth only over 15 months.

Deep bite and crowding

13 year old young man unhappy about deep overbite and crowded teeth.
Treated with removal of 2 teeth and braces for 2 years.

Only front teeth touch

36 year old lady uncomfortable with bite as only front teeth touch on chewing. Treated with braces over 2 years.


12 year old boy unhappy with very narrow upper jaw. Treated with an expansion appliance and braces.

Open bite

23 year old male unable to chew properly as front teeth do not meet. Treated with braces over 2 years

Impacted eye teeth

15 year old girl with unerupted and impacted upper right eye tooth. Eye tooth was exposed and brought down into line over 2 years.

Impacted eye teeth (x-rays)

Same Client (at left) with X-ray images.

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