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Headgear - Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics


What does orthodontic headgear do?

Headgear pulls back the upper teeth when the upper teeth and jaw are too far forward.

How do I wear my headgear?

You gradually increase the time it is worn, starting at 2 hours and increasing by 2 hours every night until you build up to 14 hours. This generally allows patients to attend school and sporting activities without wearing their headgear as long as they are very compliant at home.

How long do I have to wear the headgear?

How quickly headgear works depends on your rate of growth and also your cooperation.

THE KEY IS CONSISTENT WEAR. Most people become accustomed to the headgear within a week.

Will it hurt?

It may feel tender and uncomfortable at first as your teeth will be moving.
Most people become accustomed to headgear within a week .

When do I take it out?

You may remove the headgear to eat meals and brush teeth.

General tips

  • NEVER wear during active play
  • ALWAYS disengage elastic strap before removing headgear from mouth
  • ALWAYS bring headgear and score sheet to each appointment

If some part of the headgear bends or breaks call us immediately 9532 9135.

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