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Separators - Jeff Lipshatz Orthodontics


What do separators do?

Separators create space around teeth so that a silver band can be fitted around the tooth as part of having your braces fitted. This is normally done on the back teeth.

How do they work?

They sit between the teeth and expand and push the teeth apart.

When are separators worn?

If Dr Lipshatz advises that separators are required, they will be inserted at an appointment before your braces/appliance and stay in place until we remove them at the start of the next appointment.

Dental Care with Separators

It is important to continue to brush the teeth well around the separators, even if they are tender.

Avoid flossing the areas where separators are sitting.
Do not eat sticky and chewy foods while they are in.

What if a separator falls out?

Occasionally the separators become loose and fall out which means sufficient room has been created for the bands. Try putting it back with your finger nail – if you cannot do so then don’t worry. If by chance you caused it to come out yourself , please contact us as there may be a need to replace them.

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